Monday, 29 August 2016

Juniors at the Ulster Chess Championships

It was great to see some of our local junior talent competing in the Ulster Chess Championships this weekend and three of them even managed to come away with prizes!

16 year old Jonathon Peoples won the Intermediate Section with Dayna Ferguson picking up the grading prize.

Jonathon Peoples - Intermediate Champion
Dayna Ferguson - Grading Prize Intermediate Section

Here is an excellent game from Dayna played in round 2 of the tournament.

The Junior section included the ever present members of the Todd family - Andrew, Samuel and Peter. Also competing in this section for the first time was Aisling Ni Laighleis. Year 9 student Peter came incredibly close to winning the Junior Section, only missing out when he drew his final game. Samuel had his best tournament to date scoring 3 points and winning a grading prize.

The Todd brothers - Peter, Samuel and Andrew
Aisling Ni Laighleis

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  1. Peter "Todd" me a lesson as he brilliantly drew against me two pawns down in a Knight ending in the last round as we both fought for first place. It allowed me to prolong my unbeaten run to 17 games. So, it's good Knight from me and it's good Knight from him! Martin Kelly