Friday, 20 July 2018

Delancey UK Schools' Chess Challenge - 2018 Gigafinals

On 14th/15th July 7 players from Ulster travelled to Manchester to compete in the Northern Gigafinal and test themselves against some of the top junior players in the United Kingdom. Each player had previously taken part in a local qualifier to reach this stage. Over 40,000 children took part in this years Chess Challenge across the UK and only the top 5% reached the Gigafinal.

It was an excellent event run by Sarah Longson. There was an incredible atmosphere in the playing hall and around the venue as all the children battled over the chess board, played during the breaks, made new friends, and ultimately became much better players because of the experience. For players, parents and coaches alike it was an experience to be remembered for the rest of their lives. 

Our local players all acquitted themselves very well in this incredibly tough tournament.

Blake Harris  - U7 Boys

Points Total - 3/6

Ali Shahzad - U10 Boys

Points Total - 2/6

Taufik Kamal - U10 Boys

Points Total - 3.5/6

Dexter Harris - U10 Boys

Points Total - 4/6

Maxim Dobrynin - U12 Boys

Points Total - 3/6

Minaahil Shahzad - U14 Girls

Points Total - 3/6

James Wong - U15-18 Boys

Points Total - 2.5/6

By scoring 4 points Dexter Harris progressed to the Challenger stage of the competition to be held in Liverpool in September. Well done all the players on an excellent weekend of chess!!

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